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Polyamorous Ships 2/

↳ ZaizenKiriharaHiyoshi

i got rlly emotional over the bakumatsu rock ending but then suddenly suwabe and now i want s2 plz

Polyamorous Ships 1/

↳ YukimuraSanadaYanagi

yeahgyuu said: Oh no! GET WELL SOON QAQ

yivvv said: get better soon!

Thank you! ;;

It was only time before I got the cold going around :’)

I can’t stop coughing my oh lordy


ok yes I see what you’re doing but why

I really wish i had ms word so i could change the entirety of the page blue for my dyslexia


Kishow says “Show me your climax” before suddenly realizing how wrongly what he said could be taken as. He then starts to laugh. 


Junichi Suwabe tries to make Kensho Ono wear a bra as a hat.

This, Ladies and Gentlemen, is the Bakumatsu Rock I signed up for.

There’s literally a blue butlery bear-monster-bodyguard voiced by Daisuke Ono